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​​No.2: Comprehensive intraday trader training: (Learn to trade in any market)>>{
व्यापक इंट्राडे व्यापारी प्रशिक्षण: (किसी भी बाजार में व्यापार करना सीखें)}>>

What will you learn?

​(आप क्या सीखेंगे?)

Learn proven strategy that includes six different kinds of trades.

knowledge to trade on a daily basis

​minimize your risk with every trade

​language of the market and trade like a professional

Acquire skills to trade any security in any market

Course content: 

​(अध्य्यन विषयवस्तु):

Understanding Markets & Exchanges

​Limit Order, Market Order, Stop Order

​Volume and Volatility

Long and Short

​Money Management

​Do Your Own Research

​Check Your Ego


​Charts & Candlesticks

​Moving Averages

​Relative Strength Index 

​Regular Moving Average Trade

​Base Trade

​Consolidation Trade

​Double Top/Double Bottom Trade

​Far From Moving Average Trade

​News Trade


​Trading Rules

​Sizing Strategy

​Turtle System

​Volatility Analysis

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