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Kindly read refund policy details before joining:

MOBILE FRIENDLY WEBSITE, Check from your mobile.

NOTE: Refund processing date is: 30th of subsequent month. Example: If you applied on 12th of august, your refund processing date would be: 30th of September. After that, if payment got delayed more than 15 days due to cheque payment or any other reason, company may decide to pay goodwill penalty to you. Refund amount is decided by the grievance redressal  team. For refund application, just email to : Honest@HniTip.com and follow the procedures by sending your details and answering questions asked by the concerned team. Your documents submission date is considered as refund application date.

Being The Honest Company of India, we have the best refund policy for our unhappy students. Our unhappy students are our source of learning and an opportunity for us to enhance our standard a step ahead.

HniTip is a company of good people and for good people only.

    We have clear cut and simplified refund rules. Applicable for all students joining on or after 26/Jan/2019

We deliver all study materials which is beneficial for 1000s ,  Still, we have the best refund policy.  

If you are unhappy with our teaching, apply for refund.

If applied, 

Within 7 days of joining: 100% refund without question.

8 - 31 days :  70% without question. Even up to 100% after analyzing reason but completely up to the refund team. Refund team's decision is final.

After 31 days, you are not eligible for refund. 

As per refund policy, no refund request will be accepted if applied after 31 days from the payment date. Still, you can apply, you may get goodwill gesture refund which is not fixed.

One year block is auto-imposed on all refunded learners plus their connected persons, counted from the refund date. Rejoining is not allowed in the ban period.

  By applying for refund, you agree that you will not act against this organisation by any means.



Simply, put an email to the below mentioned email id describing your details and do not forget to send us your bank account details like: Name, account number, ifs code, branch name, etc. Kindly reply questions/documents asked to start the application procedure.



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