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WhatsApp: +91 9853802579 Or,Just click the WhatsApp logo to chat with us directly: ​व्हाट्सप्प प्रतीक चिन्ह पे क्लिक करें बातचीत सुरु करने के लिए :

No.1:  We hate positional trading/investment. We do not do any research about positional trading as we believe that positional trading/investment is just like prediction and calculation of earthquake. We believe that, if anyone can predict/calculate earthquake in 5 years advance, then only he can be a successful positional trader otherwise, he is gambling. On the other side intraday trading is data driven. It is not prediction, it is a skillful anticipation of timely movement.

No.2: Stop Loss (SL) is a must. If you do not put sl in intraday trading, then trading is not for you. Intraday trading is all about sl. Infact, we have discovered a different way of high profit trading strategy using sl in a different way, which is called as SLM. Read more about slm here>>

No.3: Watch our free youtube videos first. Everyone should follow this guideline/rule strictly. You should watch free videos as well as paid  for 90 days before trading with real money by which you can work in a efficient way. Even for paid learners, we request everyone joining any course that you should watch videos without putting real money.  

No.4: Take first 3 months as training. Everyone joining HniTip for 1st time, should take his first 3 months as training. First 3 months charge is always less due to this reason only.

No.5: Increase exposure slowly. You should increase exposure/leverage slowly and gradually. Suppose you have 1 lac capital, then your intraday trading turnover should be only 1 lac for first week which is only 1 time exposure, then increase it to 2 lac(2 times) for next week, then 3, then 4, then 5, ...up to 7 times for first 6 months. 

No.6: Increase capital gradually. If you have enough capital and want to increase your intraday trading volume, then also you should not put your total capital at a time. Rather, you should increase it gradually as mentioned in rule(no.5).

No.7: We are coach, you are the player. Trading is not an easy task. Our duty is 40% and your performance is 60% which is responsible for the better outcome. Always keep your head cool in order to trade better. Do not trade if you are sad/upset or feeling distracted. Avoid trading few days is better than loss. Keep your emotion and greet in control while trading. This isn't that easy as we are writing here. Maintaining a healthy mind is a day to day task. It depends on several other factors as well, just like; health, family members, work load, etc. Hence, always remember to avoid trading if you are not cool. 

HniTip Trading Rules (HTR):