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                         SLM is the short form of Stop Loss Moving. SLM is the best practice to catch total intraday movement of market. We are the first company in India preaching this theory for small traders. In fact, broker never suggest you this theory though this is a technique of Old School. Broker suggest you only those trading style in which they get maximum brokerage. Brokers always try to create "BROKERAGE SLAVE". So, we request you all readers not to become a broker's brokerage slave.

          SLM is very simple & interesting as you get high return in a single trade. Using SLM gives you the real power of trading. SLM is always applied when there is a unidirectional movement.

         EXAMPLE: Suppose in a particular day XYZ is going upside. You know that it may go more high, still you book profit in the fear that at some point of time the trend may reverse.  Or else you have already put a target predetermined. In both the cases your profit is limited and in fact very less when you compare the intraday movement of XYZ. In this case SLM is very useful. Instead of booking the profit, we can put a stop loss below the current market price and above buy price. This needs to be calculated preciously.  In this case, due to any reason if the trend got reversed, still you are in profit ! But if the XYZ went unidirectionally  ..... then ??????? You are normally going to get huge return in a single trade.  And believe us, in India, this type of opportunity  is a daily phenomena.

          We have successfully trained 100s of SLM traders successfully. Check below image of 20/july/ 2016 MCX GOLD graph and how used SLM. This is just a small example. We have successfully guided 100s.