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Learn to Earn. Without learning, you can't earn constantly. Hence, we have introduced Learning system, by which you learn the secret techniques of stock market which no one tells you. 

If you have something, then you have learned it and hence you have earned it. If you want to get something, learn. This is the way, no other way.  - S.B.Mishra, Chief Analyst 

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Honesty is the key of all success - HniTip

We have expertise in all types of analysis and latest trading techniques. Few special research and analysis discovered by us are:

- S.L.M. Theory 

- Conspiracy Analysis

- Trend Strength Analysis

Plus, We have international level expertise in:

 - Fundamental Analysis

 - Technical Analysis

 - Technical indicators Analysis

 - Trend Analysis

 - Trend Pattern Analysis

​ - Trend reversal Analysis

 - Sentiment Analysis

 - News analysis

 - Analysis of Analysis


We are doing research and developing :

  - Sentiment Analysis

  - Impact of Socio-economic factors 

  - Public behaviour pattern change and its imapct on investment.